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Introduction to the Observational Infrastructure Networking

NA1 Observational Infrastructure Networking builds on the highly successful activity Coordination of Ground-based and Space Observations that was carried out by Europlanet under FP6. Europlanet RI continues this activity so that the return on investments in space missions is maximized. The activity will be significantly enhanced by two "advanced warning" activities - Tasks 2 and 3, which are designed to highlight opportunities available to European planetary scientists not being aware of. 

NA1 feeds off and into a number of the key workpackages of Europlanet RI. Science networking NA2 provides many of the motivations for missions and observations, and they then feed into the science itself. Major results from NA1 will be brought to NA3 Public Outreach and to NA4 Dissemination. Datasets produced by observations will be fed into Europlanet RI?s SA activity, IDIS, which also provides previous datasets for comparison with new observations, and there are particular links to the infrastructure development JRAs, for which new data are important inputs and stimulants for new activity.

NA1 operates by four subdivisions (working tasks):

  1. Overall coordination of the activity including the responsibility for workshop organization
    (TASK 1)
  2. Space mission monitoring (TASK 2)
  3. Ground-based facilities monitoring (TASK 3)
  4. Provision of communication forum (TASK 4


The Development of NA1 into an international research support environment is supported by the European Commission's 7th Framework Program, Europlanet Research Infrastructure, grant agreement 228319, as part of the Capacities Specific Programme / Research Infrastructures.